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Create new features that enable access to historical data and its application to current responses for the ESG reporting platform.

My Role

User research

User experience design

User interface Design


1 Product Designer

2 Product Managers

1 Developer


6 weeks


What is ESG?

The company is a venture-back startup, building a SaaS platform that aims at streamlining the ESG reporting process for enterprises.

It stands for...

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Problem space

Unable to access data from previous year in current platform

Enterprise users need to view the historical data in order to analyze performance and make future plans.
Contemplating at Work

Repetitive work of answering identical questions

Since up to 70% responses could be the same with previous year, users need a more efficient way to do the tasks.


New module and new flows

  • Design a new feature that allows enterprise users to access historical data with clear data visualization.
  • Develop a streamlined user flow to enhance efficiency in generating ESG reports.
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(Due to NDA, the designs will be presented with mock-up logos and information)

Implement a history module and includes data visualization

Design a fresh module for storing historical data, and presenting it through graphs to allow easier reading and comparisons.

New flows to apply previous responses

Incorporate new buttons and flows onto the current screens, enabling users to apply previous responses and streamline the task process.


Secondary research to understand the highlighted information 

Reviewed various companies' ESG reports to identify crucial information and prioritize content based on relevance.
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SME interview

Interviewed subject matter experts (SMEs) to gather insights into user preferences and requirements for the upcoming features.
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Design showcase

Historical report module

Incorporate a new moldule that allows user to be able access historical data by the following 3 design aspects:


Individual year screen

A screen that has an overview section and accessible to all the questions for the individual year.


YoY overview screen

A section showing the main data of past 3 years in chart that allows the users to see the performance and growth.


Data visualization

Prioritize the data that are more important and visualize them into charts:
  • Greenhouse gas emission
  • Waste management
  • Employee diversity

Individual year screen

Selected year.png

YoY overview screen

Dark mode

YoY comparison.png

Refine existing
user flows


Apply response individually

Add a flow on the single question screen that allow users to apply the previous response to the current answer directly.
Since a lot of responses will remain the same or have minor changes, I designed 2 ways to apply the previous responses to the current context efficiently.


Apply responses in bulk

Add a flow that allow user select multiple questions and apply previous responses within a short time.

Apply response individually

Apply responses in bulk

Next project

Next project

Redesign the branding element and mobile APP to leverage user experience for customers.

Revamp Zynga poker's lobby screen to enhance player engagement.

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