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Promote the brand and products through Mother's Day online marketing campaign with integrated solutions.


Project lead
Strategy planner

Visual design


Communication coordinator

Data analysis


Elaine Lu

1 team member

1 developer



Client Brief

The performance of the past campaigns didn't growth much

In the past, HAC usually focused on women aged 35+ and highlighted the power of women or the beauty of women in Mother's Day campaigns.

From the reports and data of the past campaigns, it didn’t grow much.

Boring and old imagery stereotype on healthcare

When talking about healthcare products, the common perception is that they are outdated and lack visual appeal.

The goal is to raise awareness for the brand as well as help increase the sales number of 4 specific products through the Mother's Day online campaign.

Marketing Strategy

Reach new audiences - Millennials

Based on research, I realized the most popular topic for Mother's Day is "gifting". So I shifted the original TA to the young generation who purchase gifts for their mothers to reach potential audiences.

Responsive landing page

Creating a campaign landing page with appealing visuals and gamified interaction to increase engagement.

Flip the traditional healthcare imagery

To connect with the younger generation, I decided to go with a modern visual style to flip the stereotypes toward healthcare brands and attract attentions.


Influencer collaboration

Partnering with influencers to create interesting and engaging content to connect with younger audiences on social media.

Build connections through stories and gamification

Reading long descriptions of healthcare products is boring and confusing, so I created scenarios based on product efficacy to help customers understand products easily.

Display ads

Enhancing brand visibility and endorsing campaigns through the utilization of PPC advertisements.

Design Process

Ideas & Key Visual

The campaign centered around portraying moms as dedicated superwomen, highlighting their contributions to the family, and metaphorizing HAC as an energy support station to provide supplies that can replenish the energy. Now, it's your turn to take care of her.

Mood board

Superwoman / Pop art / Vivid color palette / Vintage comic


Final design

1920x1080 2.jpg

Scenario Settings

Collaborated with a comic illustrator who is also an influencer to deliver four scenarios from a mom's daily life that related to the effectiveness of each healthcare product.


Scenario 1

Soybean + Royal jelly

Enhance the energy for body and help to stay young.

Frame 10520.png
Multitasking housework

(Traditionally, Asian moms from the boomers do most of the housework)


Scenario 2

Collagen powder

Improve skin elasticity, hydration,  and wrinkling.

Frame 10518.png
Late night skincare routine

(My mom always goes to bed at 2 AM.)

Product: Lutein

Promoting healthy vision and prevent age-related macular disease.

Scenario 3


Scenario 4

Product: Probiotics

Supporting digestive health and boost immune system.

Frame 10519.png
Killing Cockroach

(You can't imagine how many cockroaches are there in Taiwan.)

Frame 10521.png
Finishing leftover for family

(They also have been trained to be big eaters.)

Landing Page

Structure & flow

Homepage > Product page > Activity page > List of sales channels > Terms & Condition

Desktop version

CTA to activity page

Energy support station
(Product info page)

Introduce the benefits and effectiveness of four products.

Recharge Supermom
(Activity page)

Caption translator:

​Supermom has been working too much for the family, the energy bar is only 60% left, time to recharge her batteries!​

How to play:​

  • Participant need to drag products on the right and put them to the corresponding scenarios according to efficacies and hit confirm. 

  • The energy bar starts at 60% and will grow to 100% when participant pass the game.

Back to product page

If failed

If passed

Back to product page
Try again
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Almost there, try again!
(Failing page)

Participants who failed can try as many time as they want, or they can either go to product page to check the effectiveness of the products.

(Lucky draw entering page)

Participants are required to provide their information in order to enter the lucky draw.

Mobile version

Video demo
iPhone 8 - 3.png
(Lucky draw entering page)
iPhone 83.png
Almost there, try again!
(Failing page)

Influencer Collaboration

We strategically partnered with one mega influencer and one micro influencer, both possessing distinct backgrounds to effectively reach diverse target audiences.


Jesse Tang

Type: Mega influencer
Category: Astrologer
FB page


Type: Micro influencer
Category: Illustrator
FB page
圖片 1.png

Facebook livestream video

Through a collaboration with Jesse Tang, we employed an embedded marketing approach. Jesse featured HAC products in her monthly live-stream show on Facebook, resulting in a significant contribution of two-thirds of the traffic directed to the campaign landing page.

Wenchiger - Facebook post

In addition to the four scenarios illustration, Wenchinger also produced two comic stories exclusively for his Facebook fan page, effectively generating increased engagement among young audiences.

Story 1 - Product: Lutein
Story 2 - Product: Probiotics

PPC Display Ads

Developed an HTML5 animation banner for promotional purposes, utilizing Google display ads to effectively reach and engage the target audience.

Cut 1 - Mother multitasking housework


Cut 2 - Introduce the products


Cut 3 - CTA to the landing page

Compared to the last campaign, this time we...


1/2 budget


+ 40%

on overall impressions



traffic from display ads

to the landing page

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