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Revamp the onboarding and learning experience for approximately 30,000 sellers using Shopee's cross-border service.

My Role


Experience Designer

Content Designer


2 Designers

Customer success







Taiwan Cross-border is one of the services under Shopee, it helps Taiwanese sellers expand their business to international markets, specifically focusing on Southeast Asia countries. This is achieved by offering features like international shipping, overseas online shops, currency exchange, etc. 

Problem Space

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The instructional information is scattered across individual landing pages, making it challenging for sellers to learn how to operate the overseas shops leading to low sales performance.

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Due to short staffing, the customer service team couldn't provide immediate assistance. It leads to a low retention rate and user satisfaction.


User Journey Map

Current State

Upon joining the team, I gained valuable insights from different teams and my teammates regarding the onboarding experience and existing materials provided to the sellers.

Pain Points

Examine the pain points from three key perspectives contributing to decreased the engagement and retention rates.

Sellers lack the training and resources to effectively run their overseas shops.

1. After sellers are approved to join the service, they lack information about the requirements and operational methods needed to effectively use the service.

2. The information is scattered across individual landing pages, making it difficult for sellers to find the right information



Results in low sales performance which leads the sellers to lose trust and credibility in the company and the services.

Increase the workload of warehouse staff on repackaging products and the CS team on answering all kinds of questions.

Sellers are unfamiliar with overseas market trends due to a lack of access to relevant information.

1. Sellers receive a general introduction to the SEA market in the first month but don’t have access to the most up-to-date trends in the current market.

2. The marketing team used to reach out to the sellers individually to ask them to join the promotional campaign.


Sellers didn’t take the action of shelving the right products for the market leading to low sales performance.

Sellers are unable to receive immediate support from the Customer Service team.

1. CS team usually takes 1~3 days to respond due to short-staffing.

2. The response messages are often robotic in nature, which can be off-putting to sellers and create a sense of distance.


Low retention rate results in a decline in overall sales performance for the company, and leaves a negative impression on sellers.

Design Process


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Developed an official website to centralize information for easier access and update latest news.

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Create digital instructional materials/tools to facilitate self-learning and reduce the workload for the customer service team.

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Leverage various communication channels to foster stronger connections and reduce the gap with sellers.


To address the pain points,  incorporated various touchpoints and comprehensive instructional materials to address user pain points based on 3 main categories: operation, market insights, and engagement.



Create an official website to centralize all the information for easier access.

Build an official website specifically for Shopee's cross-border service using Google Sites for streamlined maintenance and handover, as our development teams were unable to construct the site.

🔗   Website link


Develop more digital materials and tutorial videos to educate sellers and reduce the workload for other teams.

Provide comprehensive instructional materials regarding the most common issues via user manuals, tutorial videos, and checklists.

2-1. Digital user manual (click on the pic to access PDF file)

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2-2. A series of online courses and tutorials based on 3 main topics: Operation, Shopee marketing tools, and SEA market trends.

I worked with another teammate to design the course and deck content, presented as lecturers in the videos.

2-3. self-checking landing pages for shop open requirements and overseas shop status under logged-in conditions to reduce the workload for the customer service team.

I crafted the page content and copywriting and then provided it to the design team for internal visual alignment.



Provide weekly newsletters to sellers highlighting the latest market trend.

Collaborate with the marketing team to gather current market trends and popular product information, then craft and distribute weekly newsletters to sellers across various communication channels.

I crafted the page content and copywriting and then provided it to the design team for internal visual alignment.


Organize monthly online courses to introduce big promotions days and best sellers.

Decide the topic and gather information on the Southeast Asia market to help sellers to have better ideas, and interact with sellers.

🔗  Video list


Create special features highlighting Southeast Asian country's cultures.

We collected and visualized data on various aspects, including the e-commerce customer population, purchasing preferences, customer gender ratio, top-selling categories, and festivals in each Southeast Asian country for sellers to have a better understanding of foreign markets.



Leverage popular social media platforms for communication with sellers to build better relationships

Since LINE is the most dominant communication platform in Taiwan, our team took over the LINE account and successfully increased the number of members by 8 times.

I set up auto-reply answers tailored to various question types, providing sellers with faster and more precise guidance, thus reducing the communication gap.

🔗 Account Link

Organize monthly interactive campaigns to foster strong connections with sellers.

The intention was to foster stronger connections with sellers by inviting them to engage in fun quizzes and share their perspectives.



Impact & Learnings

During my time in this role, we witnessed positive impacts on our service. With over 25,000 sellers using our platform, here are some cross-functional teamwork experiences and key highlights of the impact:

Cross-functional team work

1. Sales & Marketing Team

Working with the sales team has taught me the art of using persuasive language to make customers feel privileged and encouraged to invest in our services, and I applied that to skills in content design. Additionally, collaborating with the marketing team, which provided insights into the top-selling items, allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of foreign markets.

2. Visual Design Team

I worked closely with the visual design team, providing briefs, and discussing design directions and styles for both digital (landing pages, banners) and physical materials (user manuals, flyers). This experience improved my ability to communicate effectively with visual elements while adhering to brand guidelines and regulations.

3. Customer Service Team

Collaborating closely with the Customer Service team allowed me to gain valuable insights into the preferences and needs of sellers, helping me provide more effective assistance in managing their shops.


1. Seller retention rate increased by 20%

There was a noticeable decrease in the number of sellers opting to offboard from our service. This improvement can be attributed to the clearer guidance and more immediate assistance provided by our team.

2. Engagement rate increased by 35%

With continuous updates and promotion, the number of followers on our LINE social media platforms has grown from 800 to 5000, accompanied by a corresponding increase in the number of sellers.  

3. Over 13k views on YouTube videos

The tutorial videos on the YouTube channel have gained nearly 13,500 views in total, with the basic operation videos being the most popular.

Next project

Next project

Design a hybrid library system for the seniors to empower knowledge sharing and building connections.

Visualize data and design new features to allow enterprise users to access historical information for a SaaS product.

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