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Create social media post content for Singleton to promote their online marketing campaigns during pandemic.

My Role

Graphic Designer

Content Designer




Campaign 01.

Singleton & UberEats
Collab campaign

I oversee the photoshoots with the production team and utilize the materials to design post content for Instagram that resonates and engages with customers.

Using 3-grid and 6-grid post layouts to showcase the details of the intriguing photos.

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Exotic cuisines for
special occasions

Developed content based on 3 scenarios that match different cuisines to resonate with customers.

(Bars are mandatory disclaimers for all alcohol product advertisements.)

Romantic weekend / Italian cuisine

SGTXubereats-06 (1).png

Friday night party night / American cuisine

SGTXubereats-05 (1).png

Feels like home / Taiwanese traditional cuisine

SGTXubereats-07 (1).png

Perfect Match

I emphasized the complementary aspects by showing how great the food matches with the Singleton to encourage customers to order to enjoy.

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Campaign 02.

Singleton Home bar

During the pandemic, Singleton aimed to promote the idea of a home bar to encourage a shift in drinking behavior from bars to homes.

I created content showcasing three different scenarios of enjoying Singleton at home, along with the recommended elements to help set the good vibes.

Candlelight dinner bar

singleton home deco post-06 (1).png

Picnicing at home

singleton home deco post-05 (1).png

Whiskey and snacks before bed

singleton home deco post-04 (1).png
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