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A 360 digital marketing campaign to raise awareness of the newly launched beauty products through multiple channels.


Project leader
Strategy planner
Art director

Visual designer

Content creator

Communication coordinator


Data analysis


Elaine Lu

Kay Lin

ELLE Magazine

Developer team



About the brand

Established in 1997, Za Cosmetics is a Japanese beauty brand that operates as a subsidiary of Shiseido Company, it has been dedicated to empowering women and helping them achieve their desired standards of beauty.

Project goals

Generate awareness for Za's latest eye makeup products, including eyeliner and brow pencil, while concurrently sparking social buzz across various social media platforms.

Marketing Strategy

Create diverse makeup looks to attract broader audience

Our aim is to demonstrate that Za products are designed to empower individuals to create their desired makeup looks, catering to all styles and preferences without any limitations.

Establish credibility through media partnerships

To foster a stronger sense of trust with consumers, we forged partnerships with a celebrity makeup artist and ELLE magazine which significantly enhance the credibility of the products

Generate higher engagement with social media marketing

Collaborate with multiple beauty influencers across various social media platforms to extend the brand's reach and engage a broader audience.

landing page

Media partnership

Influencer collaboration

Paid ads

Media Partnership


In collaboration with fashion magazine ELLE, we conducted high-quality photoshoots and produced captivating videos tailored for various purposes, such as advertorials, social media content, and landing page materials. 

1. Photo & video shooting

we emphasized three popular makeup styles in Taiwan, including Western, Korean, and Japanese aesthetics, and worked with celebrity makeup artist Lynn Chien to enhance the credibility of the brand.

Frame 10523.png

2. Advertorial

ELLE publishes content on their official website and shares it on social media to expand their reach.

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Article on ELLE
截圖 2023-05-28 下午4.36.44.png
Facebook fanpage

Landing Page

Build a campaign landing page in the mobile version in order to showcase the product features, makeup tutorials videos and influencers videos.

Structure & flow

1. Homepage

Key visual

2. Product page

Introduct the features of the products.

3. Makeup artist & CTA

Introduct Lynn(makeup artist) & have CTA direct user to the sign up page.

Frame 1040.png
Frame 10540.png
4. Makeup looks & products

Showcasing 3 makeup looks & the featured products with drop down btn.

5. Influencer content

The play button will direct user to beauty influencers' video content such as YouTube or Instagram.

Frame 10.png
6. VIP event sign up page

Consumer will have to upload the picture of the purchase receipt, enter name & phone number to sign up the event.

KOL Collaboration

1. Beauty influencer

Engaged with 16 beauty influencers for collaborative partnerships, they produced makeup tutorial videos and photo content across various social media platforms to maximize exposure and reach diverse audiences.





YouTube video

截圖 2023-05-31 上午12.05.27.png
截圖 2023-05-31 上午12.07.11.png

2. Animation artist influencer

Other than standard makeup videos, we teamed up with a talented Arabic animation artist influencer to produce makeover videos on Instagram featuring Disney characters using our products.


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未命名-1_工作區域 1 複本 15.png

Princess Jasmine 

未命名-1_工作區域 1 複本 16.png
未命名-1_工作區域 1 複本 17.png
未命名-1_工作區域 1 複本 18.png
未命名-1_工作區域 1 複本 19.png

Paid Media Advertising

Utilize captured footage and photos to create content for promotion on social media platforms, executing paid media ads to enhance brand awareness and maximize exposure for the brand and its products.

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